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Healthy EMF Solutions  specializes in identifying and minimizing man-made electromagnetic radiation exposure by providing residential & commercial evaluations, testing, measurements, risk assessment, and remediation solutions of unhealthy EMF/RF levels.

Everyday electronics are compromising our health - We really do love our technology... incredible wi-fi speeds, pro-level cameras and desktop pc horsepower all on our cell phones! Our lighting at home, climate control, music and even home theater systems are all controllable via a handheld remote or touch screen. But convenience doesn't equal healthy. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. Many of us have brought in conveniences that are at odds with our health and well being. Our children are often at risk too, by seemingly helpful things like baby monitors. Many of us are literally swimming in a soup of electromagnetic radiation inside our homes or at work.


Stress, anxiety, sleep loss and more - 

Higher instances of Leukemia, infertility, uncontrollable behavior in children are all associated with unhealthy exposure levels of EMF. Radio frequencies (RF) found in wireless routers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, cell phones, cell phone towers or even the new digital "Smart" Meter on the side of the house can all be detrimental to your overall health and well being. Unhealthy Electric fields & Magnetic fields are often found emanating from improper wiring in the walls, clock radios, lamps and extension cords


We make the unseen seen with our commercial grade test equipment and meters!

Safer sleeping spaces - Our bodies are designed to repair and heal while we sleep but many of the by-products from our modern technology inhibit this process. Studies show that EMF fields can adversely affect melatonin levels which are key for the bodies' maintenance. We are here to help  those who are seeking information about safer ways to use today's technology. Let us help with creating a healthier sleeping space!

Discovering the extent of the toxic EMF in your home or workplace is the first step. Remediation options follow after that. Let us create a more health-friendly living, sleeping or work space for you. Call us today for an inspection!

Our Risk Assessment Services Include:
  • Home Electromagnetic (EMF/RF) inspections

  • Workplace Electromagnetic (EMF/RF) inspections

  • Equestrian Electromagnetic (EMF/RF) health & safety assessments

  • Sleep Sanctuary and Nursery Planning

  • Real Estate Assessments: Pre-purchase/pre-rent inspections

  • Remediation recommendations

  • Special Project inspections...

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