About Us

Industry Experience

Healthy EMF Solutions is owned and operated by Douglas R. Dischner. With over 27 years experience in the Audio/Video & low-voltage industry, he has witnessed the evolution of today's network, A/V and automation systems and has unique insights into today's EMF remediation needs. Lifetime Member of the Building Biology® Institute (BBI), Santa Fe, NM  

Tools of the Trade...  

We make the invisible... visible! Our high accuracy, professional grade instruments enable us to locate and measure what EMR is in the area.

  • AC/DC Electric fields

  • AC/DC Magnetic fields

  • Radio Frequencies (RF)

  • Microsurge Electric Pollution (Dirty Electricity)

  • Stray Voltage/Current

  • Improper Grounding

More than cell towers

Having designed, installed and serviced a variety of low-voltage systems, we are familiar with modern and legacy products as well as various installation techniques. This experience enables us to find problem EMF locations located inside the house quickly and easily.

Serving the greater Southern California area
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Healthy EMF Solutions -  Responsible EMF management at work and at home

Lifetime Member of the Building Biology® Institute (BBI), Santa Fe, NM

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