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Healthy EMF Solutions has selected the following recommended products for EMF/RF shielding and other remediation needs. Clicking the "buy now" link will take you to the corresponding affiliate's page where you can learn more about each product.

GoDark Faraday Bags


Regain control of your tech security, privacy and health. GoDark Faraday Bags keep your device untrackable and quiet. 

Privacy - Blocks all incoming and outgoing Bluetooth signals, as well as Cell, GPS and WiFi.

Preparedness - Protects your electronics from disaster

Health - Concerned about EMF? GoDark Bags has you covered by significantly reducing EMF radiation exposure from your device.

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EMF Protective Clothing - Lambs


Keep the bad off your goods.
Advanced protection, everyday comfort and a healthier you. Discover the first protective apparel you'll actually want to wear. Lambs EMF protective apparel protects against Wireless Radiation (RF), Germs and UV Rays. The Faraday line is breathable, wrinkle resistant, anti-odor, heat regulating, anti-microbial and 99% radiation proof.

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RF Shielding Paint - YShield


Safe Living Technologies’ RF shielding paint is perfect for outside and inside application to reduce the levels of RF and EMF within your home. This RF shielding paint provides protection against RF radiation, microwave and also from low-frequency electric fields if grounded properly by a licensed electrician. If you have been experiencing electromagnetic hypersensitivity, this shielding paint is an excellent product to help you mitigate the RF and EMF levels in your environment.  Shielding paint is just one of the many products we have for RF and EMF home protection.

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Window Film - Signal Protect - RF Protection


Designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals for external sources such as microwave transmitters, cell phone towers, neighbours cordless telephones and Wi-Fi signals. The ultimate protector that provides an unaltered view of the outdoors while keeping your home naturally cool, new, bright, and enhance its value. Available in clear or tinted RF shielding.

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MEP Filters - Greenwave - Dirty Electricity Protection


Greenwave filters are designed to significantly reduce the level of dirty electricity traveling along the wiring in homes and other buildings. The filters for the U.S. and Canada are available with 3-prong, grounded plugs (STANDARD) or 2-prong, ungrounded plugs for customers with 2-prong outlets. Both models include a built-in outlet at their base for plug-through convenience, and are UL certified (AC 120V,15A) and RoHS compliant.

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G-iron Flex - Magnetic Field Protection


G-iron Flex is designed to block AC Magnetic Fields produced by the flow of electrical current. These fields are commonly produced by Power Lines on the street and entering your house, household appliances, electrical wiring in household walls, circuit breaker panels in the home, transformers etc.  Unlike other types of magnetic field shielding, G-iron is very flexible and does not lose its shielding properties when bent or molded to various shapes.  As a result, this product is an excellent choice for many shielding applications.  There are multiple configurations that can be used to enhance the shielding power if required.

  • Reduction of Low Frequency AC Magnetic Fields

  • Excellent Shielding Qualities, especially with high levels of Magnetic Fields

  • Flexible and easy to cut to whichever size is required

  • G-iron is laminated for protection against corrosion

  • Will maintain shielding integrity, even in damp locations.

  • Edges are VERY sharp, handle with caution!

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Remote Cut-off Device - EMF Safe Switch


The solution for easily and safely creating your EMF (electromagnetic field) mitigated sleep sanctuary:  return electric  fields to native levels -- typically a reduction of 30-100 fold!

Ease of use:  Turn off circuits in sleeping areas remotely with the push of a button; no more trips to the garage or basement to throw circuit breakers; no more tripping at night should lighting be needed quickly.

Ease of installation: Very straightforward installation requiring minimum time by a certified electrician. Our product is as close to "plug-and-play" as possible.

Safe:  not only are our parts UL listed but our assembly is as well -- covering potential liability concerns and making our unit legal for installation in the USA per the National Electrical Code. We are also legal in Canada.  

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